Electronic Resale Packets

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Resale Disclosure Packet Request Form
Title Companies - For HOA dues info and account status, please e-mail resale@forest-ridge.org at least 5 business days prior to settlement.  Please note that we cannot release dues information unless a resale disclosure packet has been ordered. 

(Electronic and Hard Copy are Available)

Fee:  $100.00
Processing Time:  14 Days

Payment Due Upon REQUEST

When you request a resale disclosure packet or an updated inspection you also acknowledge and give permission for the HOA to conduct an inspection of the outside of your home and property, including fenced areas, in order to comply with state law (Va Code 55-509.5).

without inspection
(For a packet less than 12 months old)

All content of the packet will be updated EXCEPT the Resale Certificate

Fee:  $25
Processing Time:  10 Days

To Request: resale@forest-ridge.org

(For a packet less than 12 months old)

A NEW inspection of the home wil be conducted and a new Resale Certificate will be Issued

Fee:  $25
Processing Time: 10 Days

To Request: resale@forest-ridge.org

Are You Leaving Us?
Although we hate to see you go, we want to help
 you with the sale of your home.

When you sell your house, you are required by law to provide the potential buyers with a resale disclosure packet prior to acceptance of the contract. The law requires certain documents and specific information to be included in this packet and we have designed our packet to meet all of these legal requirements. Once the prospective buyer receives the disclosure packet, they have three days to cancel the contract. So, you will want to make sure you have your packet ready to provide to your buyers. Your agent can help you with the timing of your request because it will take us about TWO WEEKS to complete the packet.  The new VA Statute does not allow for any expedited requests so remember, THERE IS NO EXPEDITED PROCESSING AVAILABLE.

The process includes a check of your current year's dues status and an inspection of the outside of your home and property for violations of the ACC guidelines.  Requesting the packet gives us permission to enter your property to conduct the inspection of the exterior of the home and yard.

A packet costs $100.00, due upon request.  Payment may be made by check or money order, made out to "FRHOA."  

To order a packet, complete the form above and mail the form and payment to the FRHOA Resale Coordinator, PO Box 493, Sterling VA 20164-0493.  No hand-delivery is available but you can email the info on the form (or a scanned copy of the form) to the resale coordinator at
resale@forest-ridge.org to get your packet started and then put the check in the mail. No packets will be delivered until payment is received. Please email resale@forest-ridge.org with any questions.