Vacant Properties


Maintaining and improving property values is one of the primary purposes of your homeowner's association.  We have Architectural Covenants and Guidelines to help maintain property values in the neighborhood.  These documents are on the ACC page of this website for you to review.  However, we rely on individual homeowners to keep their homes in great condition and to keep bringing those values higher and higher

Items to remember:
1.  Keep your home and yard clean and maintained properly
2.  Get ACC approval for any changes to the oustide of your home or for fencing
3.  Keep your landscaping tasteful and properly maintained
4.  Be considerate of your neighbors
5.  Keep trashcans and recycling bins out of view (from the front of your house)
6.  Protect our common areas and all of our great trees.  Our forested areas and old growth trees are one of the primary reasons are property values are higher than the areas around us.
7.  If you rent your home, choose good renters and keep an eye on your property.  Rental properties can be one of the main reasons that property values decrease.
8.  Everything you do should bring your property value UP, not down.

The HOA and your neighbors will Thank You!