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Proposed Changes to the FRHOA Amended Bylaws
The Board of DIrectors is proposing some changes to the HOA's Bylaws. These are mostly administrative changes. Below, you can view the current Bylaws and the new document showing the proposed changes. Homeowners will be asked to vote on these changes at the Annual Meeting in October.

Proposed Changes (Other than just formatting):

Page 2 top and page 3 top, Section 1: The Annual Members Meeting held the first Thursday of October will never have to be rescheduled due to a holiday, so removed the last sentence which addresses the holiday.

Page 3, Section 3:  Allows notices of our meetings to be put out either via mail or email. 

Page 3, Article IV, Section 1: Words changed to say Directors "may or may not" be members of the Association (to agree with our Covenants).

Page 6, Article VIII, Section 1: Two English corrections; then changing the words to allow the Secretary and Treasurer to not have to be residents of Forest Ridge.

Page 7, Article VIII, Section 3: Changed the wording to allow the officers (Pres and VP) after serving 4 consecutive terms to serve in the other officer position. This fixes a situation where the Vice Pres has served 4 consecutive terms as VP.  Then he/she has 4 years of experience as VP and wants to run as Pres.  Under our current By-Laws he can't.  He would have to wait 2 years to be eligible to be elected Pres.  The proposed wording change allows him/her to be elected (without a 2-year wait).  

Page 11, Article XIV, Miscellaneous: Changing the "IN WITNESS WHEREOF" date to our Annual Members Meeting October 4, 2018, where the homeowners will vote on these changes.

Current FRHOA By Laws
Proposed Changes to the FRHOA By Laws

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