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Tall grass (12" or higher) can hide snakes, rodents, and ticks and is unsafe for playing children.  It is always best to talk to your neighbors directly first, but this is not always possible or effective, and in some cases, not wise.  In those cases, we ask that you take the following actions:
  1. Email ACC@forest-ridge.org with the property address and complaint.  Our ACC can issue violation letters to the homeowner, but resolution of the problem is not always quick.
  2.  Report the problem to the proper county zoning office.  Both Fairfax and Loudoun Counties have tall grass ordinances and both are fairly quick at resolving the problem.  We've had no direct experience yet with Fairfax, but in a recent case in Loudoun County, the grass was cut within 10 days of the report.  Use the links below to report to the proper county. 

Attend the FRHOA Board Meeting
Thursday, September 3, 2015, 7:30 pm 
Forest Grove Elementary School Library

The ACC will meet at 7:00 pm in the same location.

(The Board does not meet in the month of July)


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